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Kaoru Sakurayashiki (桜屋敷 (さくらやしき) (かおる) Sakurayashiki Kaoru?), known in "S" as Cherry Blossom (チェリーブロッサム Cherīburossamu?), is a character in the SK8 the Infinity anime series. A skilled skater and founding member of "S", he uses his AI board to skate in a calculated and logical fashion.


Kaoru is a man of reasonable height and stature who's often acknowledged for his beauty by the onlookers of "S". He has golden eyes and long, sakura-colored hair that he wears loosely tied back over his left shoulder, letting it fall in waves over the right side of his face. Outside of "S", he usual attire consists of a plain navy blue kimono with a gray and yellow obi, as well white tabi socks and zori sandals on his feet. He wears a pair of silver-framed glasses and is also often seen carrying a fan.

While in his Cherry Blossom outfit, he wears a sleeveless white hakamashita kimono with thick purple cuffs around his shoulders, and baggy hakama pants that he secures with a yellow belt. He wears bandaged wrist-guards with black accents that extend into gloves, a matching pair around his calves, as well as a black balaclava over his lower face. His shoes are, again, zori sandals with plain tabi socks, but they appear to be more reinforced and have thick purple soles. While at "S", he wears his hair in a high ponytail.

During his high school years, Kaoru had slightly shorter hair that he wore left down, a shorter section hanging ever his right eye. He also had a number of piercings on both ears and his lip.



Kaoru butting heads with Kojiro

Kaoru is calm intellectual, well-known even outside of "S" as a famous and successful AI calligrapher. He's been shown to treat clients and strangers with polite respect,[5] but is often prickly towards those closest to him, most prominently his fellow "S" member and childhood friend Kojiro Nanjo. Kaoru often loses composure when dealing with Kojiro, perhaps due to their contrasting personalities, and the two usually end up bickering and calling each other names whenever they disagree about something.

Kaoru is also notably competitive when skateboarding, always wanting to beat Kojiro during races and beefs and even getting Carla to record his time during the tournament preliminaries to see how it measured up to Adam's.[6]

Despite this prickly exterior, however, he does truly trust and care for those who he considers his friends. When Reki Kyan is worried about Langa Hasegawa's upcoming beef against Adam and seeks out Kaoru for advice, he's more than happy to help them despite the cold exterior he presents, even getting Kojiro to assist him.[7] He also knows to rely on his friends when he needs to, and is seen inviting himself to Kojiro's restaurant on multiple occasions so the two can discuss their concerns, once even sneaking out of hospital to do so.[8]

Kaoru angry with Reki for calling him "Cherry" outside of "S"

Kaoru doesn't like the idea of merging his "S" self with his outside self, as he's seen telling Reki off for calling him "Cherry" while outside the mine, and Kojiro off for calling him "Kaoru" while inside it. This shows he has a definitive streak of professionalism and doesn't like to openly admit his other side to either party, perhaps because of his status of fame both inside of "S" and out. It's also notable that he's the only skater aside from Adam who goes out of his way to hide his face while at "S".

He's also shown himself to be very attentive and knowledgeable, identifying Langa's early moves as snowboarding tricks and immediately seeing his potential during his first beef against Shadow. He has a very good grasp on skateboarding and has a certain passion for what he does.


Cherry Blossom is one of the strongest skaters in "S". Since as early as his teenage years, he's been a skilled skater who responded to any challenge presented to him.[9] Throughout the years, and likely as a consequence of the AI-related profession he went into, he's developed a calculated skating style that relies heavily on his custom AI skateboard, Carla.

Cherry's fanclub

  • General Prowess: A skilled skater and a founding member of "S", Cherry has been shown to be a proficient skater capable of dominating most every race he's challenged to, even wrangling himself up an "S" fanclub in the process.[10] He's unquestionably considered one of "S"'s top skaters, and is one of the most famous too due to his skateboarding capabilities and prowess.[6] Cherry is able to pull off many a dangerous stunt during beefs through the use of Carla, helping him be more exact with his tricks and landings than any other skater.[11][6]
  • Logicality, Observation & Knowledgeability: Cherry has proven himself to be knowledgeable about many different moves, and is observant enough to figure out the trick behind many different moves even when they stump other experienced skaters. He was easily able to perform Adam's 'impossible' Love Hug attack for Langa, demonstrating it and how to avoid it perfectly,[12] as well as instantly name the snowboarding move Langa used during his first beef with Shadow,[13] showing a vast net of knowledgeability not only for skateboarding but for other similar sports too.

Cherry uses Carla to fight back against Adam

  • Unique Style: Cherry is also known in "S" for Carla, his AI skateboard, that he uses during beefs. The AI is able to calculate angles for jumps and turns, as well as record speeds and respond to any verbal command Cherry gives it, even during races.[6][8] This, on top of his logical approach towards skateboarding, is what makes him so formidable during beefs, as no other racer can so precisely perform difficult tricks due to their inability to determine their safety and success rate on the spot.
    Carla also has another form outside of her regular board shape, which is named "Type: Long" and can be activated by verbal command. Cherry uses this mode to aid him when he wants to skate more quickly.[6]


Kaoru, Kojiro and Adam when they were younger

Kaoru has been skateboarding since he was a teenager alongside Kojiro, during which time he appeared to be much less polite and proper than he later becomes as an adult. He and Kojiro met Adam when Kaoru challenged Adam to a beef, and the three soon became inseparable friends, Adam even telling the two that they were special and different to everyone else he knew.[8] At some point they formed "S" together. It was during his time with the pair that Adam began to spiral out of control, which concerned Kaoru as he and Kojiro kept stumbling across him injuring other skaters during beefs.[6] Adam then suddenly left for America, abandoning Kaoru, which affected him and Kojiro a lot.[9]

This is the reason for Kaoru's bad blood with Adam, and the explanation for why he wants to beef against him so badly; he feels betrayed by his former friend and wants to prove that he is still worth as much as he was back when they were friends.

At some point, Kaoru grows up to become a professional AI calligrapher, but still dedicates a lot of his time to skating alongside Kojiro with his new AI skateboard Carla. He is among the top contestants of the "S" skateboarding race.


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  • Kaoru's name contains the kanji for "cherry blossoms" ( sakura?), "shop" ( ya?), "spread, promulgate" ( shiki?) and "fragrance" ( kaoru?).
  • He and Kojiro are childhood friends.
  • Due to being high-tech, Carla, his skateboard, needs to charge at some point.
  • As seen in Episode 1, Carla is also his AI assistant, being connected to other devices. He's shown to have a deep bond with Carla which makes some people (usually Joe) call him out on his weird behavior when it comes to this artificial intelligence.
  • Cherry’s Zodiac sign is Aries.
  • Carla can extend Cherry's skateboard into a longboard on his command.
  • Cherry is a "regular" skater, meaning he prefers to skate with his left foot at the front of the board.
  • He is high strung and often has Carla play him a lullaby, especially one from his childhood, and manage his sleep schedule.[14]
  • He has been friends with Kojiro since kindergarten.[14]
  • He would give a great white day gift using a calculated and romantic strategy after researching on the internet, and would use Carla to look up popular items and plan a date.[14]
  • He would sleep in a tatami floored room in a futon.[14]
  • He is popular among women.[14]
  • Cherry would have participated in the Coming of Age day in Okinawa and would have dressed up in a flashy outfit[15]
  • He would have been a clingy crybaby as a kid and doesn't like to be alone, which is a reason why Carla was created.[15]
  • He comes across as awkward about not wanting to be alone, but enjoys being spoiled.[15]
  • He would like a surprise proposal. He would not like a grand reception. He would not want "see ya" kisses everyday. He would want to go to space for his honeymoon. His spouse would have to be patient with him because he can be a bit neurotic and sometimes childish, but arguments would deepen a relationship with him. His spouse would have to get along with Carla.[16]
  • He would not be good at taking care of children and wouldn't know how to deal with them.[17]
  • His favorite food is carbonara.[18]
  • His hobby is programming.[18]
  • Cherry is 11 on Joe's rankings of the muscles of S. Joe's comment: He may look like a skinny thing but don’t be fooled. Did you see his roundhouse kick? Even his muscles are sly foxes.[18]
  • Cherry is 50% on Adam’s Passionate Love Parameter, how much passion he has for each skater. Adam’s comment: Cherry is boring, but I guess I should acknowledge the passion he received from my full swing kiss.[19]
  • Cherry's daily schedule when there's no S:
    • 8:00-11:00 - Wakes up (He probably has low blood pressure. He seems to need Carla's alarm multiple times)
    • 11:00-13:00 - Prepares for calligraphy displays (with Carla remotely), gets ready
    • 13:00-14:00 - Lunch
    • 14:00-16:00 - Media coverage, writing
    • 16:00-17:00 - Teaches calligraphy
    • 17:00-19:00 - Responds to emails
    • 19:00-23:00 - Dinner with customers (Sometimes Joe's restaurant becomes the location for where he entertains guests and they end up talking about S)
    • 23:00-24:00 - Has bath
    • 24:00-26:00 - Prepares for work, does maintenance on Carla
    • 26:00-28:00 - Goes to bed[18]
  • Cherry would go to an art gallery or a museum for a summer date, and also to the sea on a driving date with his Carla bike. Carla's AI assistance can predict the rain, but if it happens, Cherry would protect his date. If he does get soaked, his date would see a rare sight of him.[20]
  • Cherry's preferred fashion sense is traditional Japanese! In his bag, he would carry around spare batteries because Carla uses a lot of electricity. For a date, he would wear an expensive kimono, something made by hand and that costs a shockingly high amount. Cherry would drawn to high quality kimonos and enjoy looking at them. During the summer he uses a parasol to avoid the sun. Carla recommends clothes shops to Cherry and products for him to buy. He'd prefer stores he's familiar with. Cherry would be amiable to buying his partner expensive things, and Carla could also help with recommendations as well! He'd send his clothes to a cleaner, especially the kimonos he wears. If someone snapped a picture of him on the street, he'd charge them for it.[21]
  • Cherry believed in Santa until he just couldn’t anymore. Since even with Adam he believed in him that whole time, once he decides something he’s pretty single minded about it. Of course he doesn’t believe anymore. He’s the type to have written letters to Santa. Before loving skating, Cherry would have wanted robot toys or brushes for Christmas depending on his interest at the time.[22]
  • Cherry would receive good omotenashi from his clients, and he is very picky so it's hard to satisfy him.[23]
  • Kaoru dislikes milk and liver.[3]
  • Between Adam and Cherry, Cherry would probably receive more valentines day chocolate, even though he might not accept all of them.[24]
  • Cherry's tournament card is the Five of Diamonds[25]
  • Cherry's blood type is B.[1]


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